Educational Development

The Education Development team - comprised of UWS Nepal Teaching Fellows, Education Officers, Community Teachers and Government Funded Teachers - is dedicated to ensure the systematic operation of UWS, Nepal schools. UWS Nepal in collaboration with EOs arranges required trainings for its fellows and community teachers as they explore solutions to problems within their schools while living their journey as teachers. Our trainings are not a one time thing but happen on a regular basis. We conduct timely trainings throughout the year in collaboration with various organizations, and national and international trainers from various backgrounds.

Our schools and school students are provided with notebooks, proper stationary items, playground and library corners where need is identified. Resourcing our schools with ample educational materials is an essential part of UWS, Nepal Schools. We emphasize learning inside as well as outside the classroom and train our teachers to go beyond course books. All UWS, Nepal schools have library corners with storybooks to encourage children to develop a habit of reading at an early age. Our school playgrounds are constructed with child-friendly play-sets all designed and built by community members.