Aama Samuha (Mothers' Group)

Aama Samuha (Mothers' Group)

At UWS, we believe that parents’ involvement in their children's education is extremely important. Therefore, parents are our first and important stakeholders when it comes to building a school in a particular community. 90% of parents are required to take part in meetings during school reconnaissance. Usually, half of the participants are mothers in these meetings.

80% of UWS schools have “Aama Samuha” (Mothers’ group) among which 60% are actively involved in works aiming to enhance their children’s experience and the school atmosphere. The group consists of mothers of students in grades ECD through 5. The meetings are conducted monthly to discuss different topics like children's hygiene, children’s attendance, learning environment, and overall progress.

Meet Sunita Katuwal, a proud mother of Sittal Katuwal: a student at UWS Batashe. Sunita did not get an opportunity to continue her higher studies but she wants her child to complete his education in her village. She wants to see her unfulfilled dream turning into reality for her child.

Sittal used to study in a boarding school, away from home and his family. Keeping Sittal away from home at such a young age bothered Sunita every day as she knew the separation could harm his emotional growth. She decided to bring Sittal back. Currently, Sittal studies in grade two at UWS Batashe. Sunita assists her son Sittal with his studies at home amidst her busy schedule. Apart from household chores, Sunita is engaged in a mothers' group.


Similar to Sunita, hundreds of mothers are engaged in mothers’ groups across UWS schools. These groups either start their own interventions or aid the school and UWS Nepal in implementing their policies and plans. They play significant roles in bringing about holistic changes in the children and the community: 

“Almost every mother attends the meeting. They provide their valuable input and suggestions in the discussions. The mothers’ group has also initiated different programs in the school and community. Before, most students walked to school in their slippers. But with the determination of the mothers’ group to address this hygiene-related issue, all students at UWS Kharang now come to school in school shoes. I have also seen major changes in some of the mothers. Earlier, they used to be shy and hesitant but now they are taking leadership roles in different areas.” Saugat Gautam, UWS School Mobilizer. 

                                                                  Mothers' Meet conducted at UWS Kalleri where more than 45 mothers participated.

In most of the communities we work in, mothers play crucial roles in children’s education. Not only do they actively participate in meetings and programs but they also ask questions and follow up with the school management committee. They raise their concerns and provide invaluable suggestions. Their leadership has been an important part of UWS journey in improving and delivering quality education.