Menstrual hygiene and COVID-19 prevention.

Menstrual hygiene and COVID-19 prevention.

Many girls in rural Nepal miss school during menstruation due to menstrual taboos and stigma. The lack of water, sanitation, and menstrual facilities in school make it difficult for girls to attend school, and as a result, there is a high dropout rate for girls of menstruating age.

The enforced lockdown to curb COVID-19 pandemic spread has restricted people’s mobility resulting in limited access to hygiene products and proper sanitation facilities. It has made the situation worse for many women and girls in rural communities. Access to water, sanitation, and hygiene services are essential for both menstrual hygiene and COVID-19 prevention. Therefore, it is crucial to address the need for menstrual hygiene and sanitation products along with other WASH facilities. 

United World Schools Nepal (UWS), as much as it values girls’ right to education, also values their right to health and to live with dignity. UWS understands the importance of menstrual hygiene along with other sanitation facilities. All UWS schools have menstrual-friendly toilets and sanitation facilities with adequate water supply. UWS teaching fellows also conduct various Menstruation Hygiene Management training in their schools with students and teachers. Furthermore, UWS has also partnered with different organizations to distribute sanitary pads to the students. UWS is responding swiftly during this dire time, working with local government and health partners to turn its schools into isolation centers, fund healthcare equipment, train teachers to support health awareness, and put remote learning into place. In all of the COVID-19 responses, UWS will proactively invest in the health, hygiene and education of girls so that they can continue to live with dignity and can achieve their full potential. 

Your donation could provide an at-risk girl and her family of 4 with food, sanitary pads and soap to last a month… and doubled, we could support a second girl who is at risk of dropping out of school.

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