Mina BK, an epitome of hardwork and perseverance

Mina BK, an epitome of hardwork and perseverance

Meet Mina BK, one of UWS construction staff from Gulmi district. 

Mina has been working with UWS Nepal for 3 years now. She is a single mother raising 2 children by herself. She was 19 years old when her husband died. Since then, she has been working to look after her children and is the sole breadwinner of her family. 

Both of her children had studied in UWS schools up to primary level and are currently receiving secondary education in a neighboring school. Through education, Mina wants her children to stand up for themselves and challenge the social discrimination that people from marginalized communities have been facing for generation. With UWS Nepal, she has observed change in her community’s attitude towards education. She is hopeful just not about her children’s future but the future of her community. 

“Mina didi makes me realize we can still be happy amidst the hardships, and there is always light at the end of the tunnel for those who choose to persevere. She is an epitome of hardwork and perseverance”, shares Manjeet Raj Pandey, UWS Global Buildings Advisor. 

There are almost 120 staff who are working with UWS Nepal to build the future where we believe every child should have access to a chance to go to school. All of them are working unceasingly to build not just a school but to a dream in hope of a better future.   

It is staff like Mina, who inspire us with their hard work and dedication, to continue to work in rural regions of Nepal despite all the adversities and challenges that came along with the pandemic. Perseverance and the will of individuals like Mina have been crucial sources of support in facing and eventually overcoming many hurdles from the past year.