Training and Support

We will support our Fellows to become strong classroom and community leaders through an extensive training program and ongoing professional development. Specifically:

1. Prior to UWS's school placement, our Fellows will undergo a rigorous three to four weeks residential training program that focuses on child-centric classroom practice and leadership. In this program, we will focus on improving teacher's ability to communicate ideas in clear and compelling way to foster better teacher-student relationships. Teachers will be trained to teach in a creative, interactive and entrepreneurial way to engage and motivate students.

2. Throughout the Fellowship, Fellows will receive training opportunities, participate in leadership workshops and forums on educational leadership, and have exclusive access to professional development resources. Once in the classroom, the Fellows will receive individual coaching from Fellowship Managers on regular basis.

3. Finally, Fellows will be grouped into learning teams based on the subject or grade they teach. Learning teams will discuss challenges specific to their grades and/or content areas, share best practices, and work together to build knowledge and skills.