Fifth Batch of fellows

Fifth Batch of fellows

Aashriya KC

Aashriya KC has a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Social Work with a major in Social Work and Psychology. As a person who values education from a young age, she believes it is a key to finding one's voice. She has previously worked with youth-led organizations, including YUWA and 'We' for Change, where she got the opportunity to understand the power and role young people hold for change. She loves reading and painting.

Babita Pokharel

Babita Pokharel has a Bachelor in Social Work degree from St. Lawrence College. She has previously worked as a volunteer for organizations including UN, Mitini Nepal, WOREC, and Orchid Garden Nepal. She is passionate about working for change and aspires to become a social worker in the future.

Binuta Tamang

Binuta Tamang is a Business Studies graduate from Madi, Sankhuwasabha. She joined UWS Nepal as a dedicated teacher with experience in a private school to help transform the existing traditional practice of teaching and learning in rural Nepal. She is a positive person driven by the notion that she will not give up in the face of adversity. Reading, hiking, photography, and volunteering are some of her favourite activities.

Harka Maya Limbu

Harka Maya Limbu is a learner. She has a Bachelor's degree in Education with a major in English from Sankhuwasabha Multiple College. Before joining as a fellow, She was working as a UWS community teacher at one of the UWS schools. She decided to join the UWS Nepal teaching fellowship to learn modern teaching methodologies and enhance her skills that could bring change and quality education in her hometown, Sankhuwasabha district. She likes to travel and enjoys listening to music. She has an interest in literature and social work.

Monika Tamang

Monika Tamang, from Boudha, Kathmandu, has a Bachelor's degree in social work. She has volunteered at MITINI NEPAL, WOREC NEPAL, and ORCHID GARDEN NEPAL, as well as at the United Nations for the Holocaust event. She had also taken part in plenty of other BDS programs (Blue Diamond Society). She has always aspired to be a professional social worker and is pursuing her dream by giving back to society in any way she can.

Narendra Bohora

Narendra Bohora has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Annapurna Model College, Butwal. He has a keen interest in optimum utilization of local resources and is motivated to implement this in his teaching and learning practice. Passionate about working for the betterment of children, he loves visiting new places, watching movies and listening to music.

Nita Acharya

Nita Acharya has studied psychology and sociology for her Bachelor's degree. She is also a karate player who considers herself a feminist and enjoys working out and doing crafts to keep her body and mind in sync. She loves hearing bits and pieces of other people's experiences and aspires to be a better listener. She has been working with children at a hostel and hopes the divide between parents and their children and mentors and students can be bridged.

Rakshya Thapa

Rakshya Thapa has a Bachelor's degree in Public Health from Koshi Health and Campus, Biratnagar. She is an active learner who wants to challenge herself to grow out of her comfort zone. She has worked as a teacher and health educator at Women Development and Children Awareness Centre, Morang, and worked as Research Assistant at Nepal Health Research Council. She loves listening to music, reading books, dancing, and travelling.

Reena Gumanju

Reena Gumanju has a Bachelor's degree in Forest Science from the Institute of Forestry Hetauda. Her love for nature is what motivates her for nature conservation. She aspires to conduct research in wildlife, climate change, and Non-timber forest products (NTFPs). Besides research, she loves working with children and dreams of being the reason for success in their life. She has worked as a volunteer in different organizations like Amnesty International Hetauda and National Youth for Climate Action (NYCA). She loves singing, drawing, and sowing varieties of crops in the field.

Rishi Raj Magar

Rishi Raj Magar, a Shadananda Municipality inhabitant, enjoys visiting new areas and doing social services. He enjoys going to the cinema and watching comedies. He has a Bachelor's degree with a Nepali major and has five years of experience teaching at a pre-primary school.

Ritu Chulyadya

Ritu Chulyadya is a self-motivated learner who is enthusiastic, fun-loving, and hopeful. She holds a Bachelor's degree in social science from Golden Gate International College, with majors in Psychology and Social Work. Ritu Chulyadya aspires to be a clinical psychologist in the near future. She has worked for organizations such as Pariwartan Ka Paila Haru and Pailo Paila Nepal. She is a passionate dancer who also enjoys reading, music, traveling, sketching, and glass painting.

Sabina Tamang

Sabina Tamang has a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies from Janta Multiple Campus. Because she has witnessed the inequality of educational quality as a resident of Sankhuwasabha, she believes that the current educational system in rural Nepal needs to be changed. She enjoys going on adventures, reading, and listening to music during her spare time. She loves cooking new recipes.

Sony Rai

Sony Rai, a graduate in Arts and Social Work from Nepal Mega College, considers herself an extrovert with strong interpersonal communication skills. During her college days, she has worked with Nepal Association for the Welfare of Blind (NAWB) and Children Workers in Nepal (CWIN) as a trainee. She also has experience working with Kathmandu Recycles as a green advocate. She enjoys reading, listening, and watching vlogs on YouTube. She considers learning a never-ending process, and acquiring new skills is her favorite hobby.

Subina Dhungana

Subina Dhungana has a Bachelor’s degree in social work. She is fond of traveling, dancing, and singing. She loves to challenge and push herself to unleash the potential in her which is why she decided to join the UWS Nepal teaching fellowship program. She believes that education can bring change to society. She wants to contribute and be a part of that change.

Surakshya Pokharel

Surakshya Pokharel has a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and Journalism from Madan Bhandari Memorial College. She is an active and fun-loving person. She has worked as an intern in different organizations like Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind, Didi Bahini, and Blue Diamond Society. She has also received TOT training in self-defense. She loves listening to music, reading novels, and traveling during her spare time.

Tirsana Gaha

Trisana Gaha is a firm believer in creating her own sunshine. She graduated from Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus with a Bachelor's degree in English and Economics. She previously worked at Apex Educational Academy as a front desk officer. She is an active and adventurous person who participates in volleyball and was formerly a taekwondo trainee for self-defense. She also enjoys reading, dancing, singing, travelling and learning about different cultures.

Tsering Dhendup

Tsering (Lhomi) grew up in the Sankhuwasabha district's High Himalayan region and holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Anthropology and a Bachelor's degree in Rural Development from the University of Patan Multiple campuses. He is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Rural Development from the same institution. Tsering was drawn to the field of social work from a young age. He has volunteered in Social Welfare organizations, including Himalayan Asha Kendra (HAK), which works with the needy, and Orphanage Children Homes as an Education Guidance to Children and Youth with a Mission (YWAM).