Fourth Batch of Fellows

Fourth Batch of Fellows

Aditi Nepal

Aditi Nepal is a keen observer, learner, and self-motivated person. She is a graduate of Bachelor’s in Public Health from Asian University for Women, Bangladesh. She has previously worked as a UNYSAN (United Nations Youths and Students Association Nepal) volunteer which enabled her to learn to work in a team, build leadership skills, and resilience. She loves to work with children, which eventually led her to join UWS as a teaching fellow. She hopes to learn the rural lifestyle while teaching the unreached as a fellow teacher in the Sankhuwasabha district. She loves singing, writing, and vlogging.

Anil Lama

Anil Lama graduated from Siddhartha Multiple College with his major in English and Social work. Prior to joining the UWS Nepal teaching fellowship, he was involved in numerous organizations. He has experience working in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), WASH, TLC, Psychosocial Counselling, and Debris management programs conducted by VSO Nepal. He has conducted Life skill training programs in different districts of Nepal. He has also worked as a team leader in a livelihood project in the Gorkha district of Nepal, supported by UKaid and conducted by Raleigh International Nepal (RIN).

Anish Adhikari

Anish Adhikari is a highly committed and enthusiastic person. He has a bachelor's degree in Social Work and English as his major subject from The Times International College. He previously worked as an ICS (International Citizen Service) volunteer at Raleigh International Nepal at Gorkha district. It enabled him to learn about various cultures and beliefs and also reflect on different issues. He enjoys what he does. He loves playing cricket, reading fiction novels, and watching movies. He also has an interest in sketching and photography.

Bibek Ratna Shakya

Bibek Ratna Shakya is an enthusiastic young person who loves to travel. He enjoys cooking and has a keen interest in photography and volunteering. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Arts and Social work with a major in Psychology. He is an active learner and enjoys learning and implementing them in the real field. He was involved in different organizations like Youth Vision, Voice of children, Mitini Nepal as an intern and volunteer. He had also worked as an action learner at ICS/VSO Nepal in 2020. He loves traveling to rural areas and can easily adapt to the rural lifestyle.

Bidip Danekhu

Bidip Danekhu is a graduate of public health from Nobel College. His prior work experiences are mostly in public health surveys which were focused on the services of Health institutions in Sankhuwasabha. He was also a part of the Maternal mortality rate survey which was conducted in 2014. In 2018, he went to Upper Dolpa and stayed in Nyisal village for 6 months for a teaching fellowship program. Besides work, he enjoys playing and watching football. He likes to travel to new places and explore.

Biju Gurung

Biju Gurung is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Arts and social work from Nepal Mega College with a major in Social work and Psychology. She worked as a paid volunteer in the Koseli Foundation(Hold a hand) for 3 and a half years. After working with Koseli Foundation, she had a realization that she wanted to work with children and in the rural education sector. She believes that one should do the things that satisfy one. She is a nature-loving person and loves to travel and explore new places.

Lahana Maharjan

Lahana Maharjan is an Environmental enthusiast and an advocate for Sustainability. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Environmental science from GoldenGate International College. She is an ambivert. She loves to interact with people and listen to what others have to share. She believes that before looking at the bigger picture, one should start small and start from themselves. She aims to work with youths who are motivated and driven for the purpose of a Sustainable and better future. Previously, she worked as a coordinator in the “Himalayas Our Pride (HOPE)” campaign led by HCI and as a facilitator in the Bagmati River Basin Youth Program organized by Youth for Asia (Asian Development Bank). She is also a Green Fellow for Local Government (HCI).

Samrachana Pokharel

Samrachana Pokharel is a graduate with a Bachelor's degree in social work and Journalism from Madan Bhandari Memorial College. She was engaged in different organizations namely Youth Advocacy Nepal, Didibahini as an intern. She also worked as a youth mobilizer in the Didibahini organization for 6 months. After gaining experience, she did a project of her own “Save a Child Future” in a slum area located at Sinamangal. Samrachana wants to challenge herself and step out of her comfort zone. Traveling to rural areas, listening to music, reading Nepali novels, and watching movies are some of her hobbies.

Sichu Maharjan

Sichu Maharjan is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work with a major in Population. She likes listening to music and reading books. Besides this, she loves helping people in need, spending time with children and senior citizens. She was engaged in several voluntary activities with various organizations like Aarambha foundation, SAATH, LGPA. She has prior experience working as a preschool teacher. She has also led a project on sensorial learning as a mentee for 6 months in the International Mentor Program 2019.

Sujan Poudel

Sujan Poudel is a graduate of Master’s degree in Rural Development from Tri-Chandra Campus. His hobbies include listening to music, playing football, and traveling. He wanted to implement his theoretical knowledge into real-life situations which is why he decided to join the UWS Nepal teaching fellowship program. He feels more comfortable with children than anyone else. Through the teaching fellowship, he wants to explore and contribute to the lives of children and society.